RISE with SAP all about

What is RISE with SAP all about?

The end goal of RISE with SAP offering has always been to win customer trust. They have always looked for ways to increase the chances of customer success. It has always been their policy to stay close with the customers and understand their needs. After discussing with CEOs and top decision-makers, SAP has come up with ways to adapt and transform as per today’s challenging conditions, be it geopolitical issues, COVID-19 or climate change.

While people are well aware of the opportunities available with digital transformation, their biggest challenge has been to transform them realistically. Digital transformation happens when you migrate to the cloud or invest in new technology. There is a huge requirement to change the way enterprises function. There should be a new business model and intelligent processes to make this happen with profound success.

What are the questions being raised?

For this, SAP had questions such as:

  • How does SAP support its customers on the business journey?
  • How does SAP change the mindset and culture of enterprises?
  • How does SAP redesign all its business operations?
  • How does SAP reduce existing internal complexity?
  • How to adapt new, innovative business models?
  • How to stand still and move dynamically in this competitive atmosphere?

To answer precisely these questions, SaaS or IaaS alone wouldn’t suffice. They need an all-in-one solution- Business Transformation as a Service.

Hence SAP has come up with RISE with SAP license.

What is RISE with SAP?

To put it shortly, RISE with SAP bundle comprises of already existing services with additional services, supporting Business transformation as a service. It can comprise more Cloud Managed Services and Application Managed Services. It also gives importance to the process design with advanced infrastructure and a single contract. With this model, SAP also promises a 20% cost reduction.

RISE with SAP - iQuantM

Nearly 130 companies tested this in the last quarter of the 2020s. It was a remarkable achievement by SAP. Since then, SAP has collaborated with Signavio, the business process specialist supplier. The transaction for acquirement would end by 2021.

Businesses can transform their entire business with a speed-oriented time to value as per their own choice and terms. Now, the customer’s journey consists of 3 steps:

Business Process Redesign

Leverage industry best practices and build SAP’s wholesome data treasures. With SAP’s business process intelligence solution, you can allow your customer to analyze the performance of the process, compare them against different industry standards and offer customized business recommendations. 

It can help you automate, adopt and go along with new business models and standard processes. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA), you can embed all the intelligent processes in your business.

Technical migration

Many technical services get integrated with RISE with SAP. It can smoothen the standard, flexible and modular migration solution, providing you with a data layer. 

Also, it can help you travel along with the business demands. It would also need essential SAP services to stay away from modifications as well as custom code. Additionally, it can support you while governing the data layer to run your business based on a single source of truth.

Building an Intelligent Enterprise

With a cloud infrastructure, your company can access a low total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to existing landscapes. You can run your workloads in an SAP data centre or through hyper scalers, which would exist with the best industry operations cost. It doesn’t matter which infrastructure or whichever partner you work.

SAP partners would be your point of contact. According to SAP, the partner ecosystem would centre around RISE with SAP business offering. They involve hyperscalers, system integrators, consultants, software partners and resellers to bring innovation.

The SAP Business Technology Platform acts as the backbone for an intelligent enterprise. Every SAP partner and its client can develop innovations while complementing SAP solutions with a semantical data model, another AI and data analytics layer, and one authorisation and identity concept with an out-of-the-box integration via SAP to SAP, along with SAP to non-SAP.

Accessing SAP Business Network is also allowed. So, No more managing your business within constraints or through one-on-one connections to different stakeholders across the supply chain. You can manage the entire supply chain as per real-time analytics when you want to react faster to these dynamic market conditions.

SAP also includes SAP S/4HANA Cloud in the package. Customers can pick their choice of deployment and enable standardisation. They can also benefit from embedded AI, Advanced analytics and RPA. Integration of Microsoft Teams across SAP’s solution portfolio has enabled next-level collaboration.

To put it in a nutshell, RISE with SAP has provided every customer with intelligent enterprise components in a single bundle, which goes well with premium tools and services with a single offer and contract for various SAP-oriented services with operations, service-level agreements and risk management along with SAP Business transformation as a Service.

With RISE with SAP, every company can customize their intelligent enterprise while meeting their business needs. They can also run their industry-specific solutions with 360-degree transparency.

If you rely on a right SAP partner like iQuantM, you can exploit the maximum out of RISE with SAP Business transformation as a Service.

How can iQuantM support RISE with SAP?

iQuantM technologies, an SAP implementation consulting partner in Leedshas played a paramount role in helping SAP users understand the nook and corner of why they need to depend upon SAP to automate their business processes. Right from the time of initial discussion to deployment, we take stern efforts to let you make the most out of RISE with SAP. Our SAP experts get the process done for you, simplifying all the steps and formalities involved in SAP migration. Contact us for more information. 

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