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Are you looking for the best SAP Consulting services? iQuantM is a  sap consulting implementation partner that you can trust.

Get the best sap consulting in the UK and US.

With our robust experience in the market, we have captured our customer’s preferences and materialized for them. iQuantM is a sap implementation partner in UK. 

These are the SAP Consulting services we provide you with: 

T&M Staffing with SAP Consulting Services 

With the SAP T&M Staffing module, you can scale up your organization while you want to explore brighter opportunities. No more staffing costs. With our highly skilled team of SAP consultants, you can get agile and reliable SAP expertise while delivering great project results. You have no more chance of wasting your money or your time. Our experts providing  SAP consulting services  will provide you with significant project results. 

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Our SAP experts can help you out with: 

  • Sales and Distribution (SD) 
  • Business Intelligence (BI) 
  • SAP S/4HANA modules 
  • Inventory and Materials Management (MM) 
  • SAP Business By Design modules 
  • SAP Success Factors modules 
  • SAP CRM modules 
  • SAP Supply and Spend Management modules 

SAP Analytics Cloud 

Our Business management and process re-engineering experts can work with you to act as your solution providers. You can receive their support 24×7 as per your timeline. iQuantM technologies is an exquisite  sap consulting implementation partner  for all your needs. 

SAP Analytics Cloud is a SaaS-based Business Intelligence tool. Previously known as Business Objects for cloud, it provides all the fundamental Analytics functionalities to SAP business users.  

Business users can assemble and perform data discovery, ad-hoc reporting, and analysis to reinforce predictive planning. SAP Analytics cloud also transforms raw data from the transactional system into proper insight to make more profitable decisions. 

Project governance with SAP Consulting Services 

Do you need support while managing your SAP implementation or conversion project? We offer relevant execution guidelines to keep your project on track. Be it documentation, audit, or deliverable, iQuantM is here to support you. Depending on the size and structure of the project, we allocate the right consultants and project managers. We also enable cross-platform support and resolve every issue with the best sap consulting partners

SAP License consultation 

iQuantM can provide you with the right SAP license solutions. We involve deep SAP license portfolio optimization by enabling SAP contracts analysis and training your SAP contract negotiations in a personalized manner. Being an SAP customer, you might face surprising license purchases. Since SAP Audit would look forward to capturing your attention every year, you do not have to depend on the SAP license measurement tool at any point. iQuantM helps you out in preparing your portfolio when the next audit arrives. It would provide you with a strong SAP negotiation capability. With our expert knowledge of SAP contract terms and conditions, we help you cut costs in SAP licensing. We also act as a reliable  sap consulting implementation partner  toprovide consulting services in SAP license securities and optimization. 


With our expertise, we have been recognized as a leader while providing GRC methodology, roadmap, and control frameworks while allowing businesses to carry on with risk compliance requirements. You can automate these GRC activities while managing and monitoring them under a single roof. We also enable GRC Access Control and Process Control. With our SAP consulting services and solutions, you can always gain trustworthy and auditable solutions. 

SAP Model Company Code 

Large organizations primarily constitute complex organization structures and methodologies. It is all due to the business nature, products, and operation in different markets. Because of this, implementing a large-scale ERP system, like SAP, has always been a very long affair. As of now, several organizations are ready to utilize alternatives with a swift turnaround.  

SAP Model Company is the foundation for the entire SAP Product Portfolio. The development of this code has its roots in SAP’s whitelisted implementation approach. Additionally, it works for on-premise, a single tenet, multi-tenet Cloud, and other hybrid deployments. The company code is a baseline of configurations covering several strategies and the most profitable practices. 

With SAP, you can get pre-configured, easy-to-use, end-to-end industry solutions. That is what you call SAP Model Company. You get the complete package delivered under a single package. SAP consulting services bring the skillset you need to enable retail solutions. You can access it either from the SAP Cloud appliance library to the private cloud or get it delivered physically on-premise. 

If you need an  SAP implementation partner in USfor more support? Feel free to talk to us. 

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