Know everything about SAP upgrade

Get closure on what SAP Upgrade is and how to make it happen. Technological advances are happening at a rapid phase. Keep in touch with this phase so that we update our software when the software vendor releases the new version. SAP Functional and Technical Upgrade enhance your SAP system. 

What does iQuantM offer you during an SAP upgrade?

Stay ahead of the competition, fasten processes and offer a rich function to different business users. iQuantM does everything with profound efficiency. We put stern efforts and act as a reliable SAP partner for the evolution of your company.

Why do you need SAP Upgrade?

The oscillating market demands revolve around catering to customer requirements. Businesses should implement technocratic strategies to strengthen and offer innovative solutions while building a better business model. 

SAP Upgrade - iQuantM

When we upgrade the software, we get in-depth business functionalities. These new functionalities often help businesses to leverage the latest technologies. It would always help them to mitigate many business bottlenecks. Hence every firm has to take SAP Upgrade quite seriously.

Critical steps in SAP Upgrade

The SAP upgrade process consists of three phases: plan, check and test.

  1. Plan to reduce downtime.
  2. Check for Hardware requirements- main memory, CPU, page file and disk space.
  3. Test the Operating System & Database version while the upgrade happens. 
  4. If the process isn’t smooth, it’s time for Database and Operating System update.

How does the upgrade happen?

The upgrade revolves around system study, checking the gap and bridging it. These are the steps we take to make the SAP upgrade happen:

Make a note of where you are right now.

It requires you to study the SAP landscape, similar to a server system or the layout. We can even term it server architecture.

Identify what needs to be updated.

Once you study the SAP landscape, your SAP consultant provides you with what needs updating (the database or the server).

Identify what we have to upgrade

Get a clear understanding of which target system you need to upgrade. It can be ECC, EHP or SPS upgrades.

Understand the work that goes into this transition

Get a clear notion of what would break, what needs fixing and where to test. Kindly test and plan what you need. Use it to control your upgrade process with the actual code.

Planning the Transition

Look at the budget and other necessities before you plan your transition process.

Executing the Plan

Get thorough aid from your SAP implementation partner to kick-start your SAP upgrade process.

To sum it up

You need to get a clear idea of when you need to upgrade your SAP ERP system. Your employees might have adjusted themselves to the ongoing SAP system. Your team might be eagerly awaiting the new updates. 

Rely on their requirements and frequently involve SAP upgrades to manage your business needs. With the right SAP implementation partner, this process would be easy.

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